by Eastern Phoebes

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Debut full-length album! Written and recorded in our loft apartment entirely within the month of February 2011 for the RPM Challenge.

All songs written//arranged//engineered//produced by Ry Smith.

Cover art by Andy Drake.

Lyrics to 'Noble Creature' adapted from the poetry of Gary Snyder.


released March 1, 2011

Ry Smith-vocals, keyboards, drum programming, percussion, melodica

Meg Bayley-vocals, percussion

Rick Kattermann-acoustic + electric guitars, bass



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Eastern Phoebes Newport, Rhode Island

Eastern Phoebes was a band on Earth in the 21st century.

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Track Name: John Boyle Island (Wampum)
got in my kayak and went//to John Boyle Island and spent//all of my wampum on your love//the natives they dared me to do it//the shorebirds all knew I'd get through it//I save all my wampum for our love//took out my old motorboat//to John Boyle Island and wrote//ten songs about my frustration//the wind's my only inspiration//the sun gods all knew that I'd blow it//the natives don't care but they show it//I save all my wampum for your love//there goes what's left of my virtues//I'm crawling out of the fog//got in my kayak and left//John Boyle Island a wreck//I save all my wampum for your love//there goes what's left of my virtues.
Track Name: Country Club
look at all the rich folks//owning second homes//I don't even own one//it's a sick joke//and it ain't funny//I gots no money//I'll start my own Country Club//you can join my Country Club//I don't even know how much it will be//you can join my Country Club for free//money is a fickle empty topic//all I got's this lint stuck in my pocket//look at all the poor sobs//no jobs oh my God//I'm lucky I got one//it's a sick joke//without a punchline//my wallet's not fine//this is the tale that's in no hurry//so bite your nails and start to worry//I make just enough to get me by//it's about the love//it's about the way we try.
Track Name: Tadpoles (Shelter Island)
hanging out with my cousin//by the parking lot//the sun is beating above him//it's getting hot//we were out catching tadpoles in a little pond//Shelter Island tell me I've been good to you//hanging out with my uncle over near the marathon//the moon was never so functional//the cosmos clipped on//when I tell you I like you it means that I love you alot//when I tell you I need you it means that I need you alot//when I tell you I love you it means that I like you alot//when I tell you I love you it means that I love you alot.
Track Name: Noble Creature
home by night//drunken eye//still picks out Taurus//low and growing high//he's a four-point buck//dancing in the moonlight by the open road//a mile past the mill pond//with my gun stopped shot//that silly sacred creature down//pulled out the hot guts//warm blood in the car truck//the deer smell//the limp tongue//deer don't wanna die for me//I'll drink the seawater//deer don't wanna die for me in all my pain//I'll do all I can to keep this creature noble again//deer don't wanna die for me.
Track Name: Queen of Root Beer
Track Name: Lately It's Occurred To Me...
the anguish//a language that you can't understand//you can't wait//tomorrow will come//it's hopeless//you know it yet you continue on//you can't wait//tomorrow will come//forget it//you're betting all your money on the future like tomorrow won't come//you said it//I get it once I hear it twice//it's sound advice//another year gone//you can't explain all your woes to me//you can't sail off to a distant sea//I'd sail around for you//you sail when you know it's true//you's sail around for me//I sail when I'm feeling free//lately it's occurred to me//believe it//you see it every place you go//you always know//tomorrow will come//oh mercy//you can't pursue the past//you have to look ahead//tomorrow will come//the anguish//a language that you can't understand//here's the plan//so look at the sun//forget it//you're betting all your money on the present like tomorrow's no fun//pay attention baby//wave to the sun.
Track Name: Plum Island Protest Song (F.T.D.)
I don't wanna get//foot and mouth disease//so keep Plum Island please//no distractions//no casino//no attractions//we should try//protect our migratory species//protect a delicate history//and the secret//of the mystery//of Nelson DeMille so:
fuck the developers
fuck the developers
fuck the developers who
wanna build a five-star hotel
the ones who sell out
and fuck all the politics too!
Track Name: KD
Track Name: Worthless People
worthless people around me//worthless people surround me//worthless people believe in//worthless things petty bullshit//worthless people will doubt it//worthless people tweet about it.
Track Name: The Clammer
super fucking sunny day//clamming on the Great South Bay//out here there's nowhere to hide//grab your rake and curse the brown tide//a bushel may be good enough for you//a bushel's never good enough for me//I push myself to be all that I can//I push myself to be a man//I push myself to stay in demand//it's true//no one's ever questioned me before//never heard a criticism or//a compliment that shook me to the core//super fucking gloomy day//in my room I wish I'd stayed//out here there's nowhere to swim//so curse your rake the future's looking grim//the clams I catch won't feed my family//the clams I catch will surely damn me//I damn myself for being a good guy//I damn myself without a reason why//it's true//no one's ever questioned me before//never heard a criticism or//a compliment that shook me to the core//supply and demand//the financial strain//the substantial pain//of being your own boss//I never wanted the clam life.