Rods of Energy

by Eastern Phoebes

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Recorded July-November 2010 in our loft apartment, Bellport, NY.

Cover art adapted from Kornei Chukovsky's "The Stolen Sun" with illustrations by Sergei Yakovlev.

Lyrics to 'Artemis' and 'Grave' adapted from the poetry of Gary Snyder.


released December 9, 2010

Ry Smith-vocals, keyboards, toy instruments, bass, drum programming, percussion

Meg Bayley-vocals, percussion



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Eastern Phoebes Newport, Rhode Island

Eastern Phoebes was a band on Earth in the 21st century.

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Track Name: Particles
Doesn't matter what you say//we're all gonna get it some day//we're all just particles anyway//we're all just particles//Doesn't matter what you do//do it 'til you're blue in the face//we're all just particles in time and space//we're all just particles anyway//we're all just particles//Movin' to a new dimension now//living in a new millennium anyhow//movin' up to a new dimension now//You can kiss the moon and kiss the sky//none of us will ever wonder why//nothing that you do or think or say//none of it will matter much someday//'cause we're all part of it anyway, and we're lucky to be alive!
Track Name: Salt
I gave you salt even though you didn't want it//you are the only one I'll ever need//I am the only you'll ever want//it's not my fault though I know you didn't need it//I don't really care I love you anyway//I don't really care you love me anyway//I gave you salt even though you didn't want it//even though you think it's cool I love you too//I gave you salt even though you didn't need it//it's not my fault I love you anyway//it's not your fault you love me anyway
Track Name: Dusty Baker
You're getting older Dusty Baker//you'll retire soon somewhere//take a seat poor Dusty Baker//you'll retire soon to Florida then//get a whole new set of friends//when you get there can you call me Dusty?//you're getting bolder Dusty Baker//you're the only manager who can strike the fear in all the players' hearts//at the start of every season when//you don't have a chance in the bullpen//can you call me in//relieve me Dusty//believe in me Dusty//do you believe in the game you love?
Track Name: Artemis
Artemis, I saw you naked//well go and get your goddamn virginity back//The cable cars and your far-off laughter//still it stings me//yeah and I can't thank the wisdom that it brings me//stemmed in mysteries//you say you'll miss me a whole lot//Artemis, you're part of it//you stole a blanket//from the drugstore that I had an affinity for//The microwave, you saved a coupon//which it hinged on//yeah and I can't thank the wisdom I've bestowed upong myself//oh yeah now what else?//You said you'll miss me a whole lot
Track Name: Sociopath!
Fell off the face of the planet//now the stars can't align//you used to act like a magnet//here is a sign here is a sign//you never let us go our own way//you never let us cause our own wrath//you never let us have our own day//yeah we're ruled by a sociopath!//dropped your cell phone on a stone floor//now your life's in a tank//soggy brain on a distant shore//it's me who you'll thank me who you'll thank//you never let us form our own ideas//you never let us make our own splash//you never let us go our own way//you're a sociopath//you're a sociopath and I wonder how long you'll go on like this//you're a sociopath fuckin' blunder//when you gonna start to give a shit?
Track Name: Don't Let The Grave Pass You By
I was obsessed with a plan//I've done what my karma demands//now ten years or more have gone by//you've strangled the truth with a lie//don't let the grave pass you by//You was returned to the womb//while I was out sipping on gloom//now ten years or more have expired//you've strangled your goose with a wire//don't let the grave take a liar//I was obsessed with a plan//I've done what my karma demands of me//now ten years or more have gone by and just maybe you've strangled the truth//don't let the grave pass you by