Eastern Phoebes

by Eastern Phoebes

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Homemade debut EP! Recorded January-July 2010 in our loft apartment, Bellport, NY.

All songs written//arranged//engineered//produced by Ry Smith.

Cover art by Andy Drake and Sarah Kennedy.


released July 22, 2010

Ry Smith-vocals, keyboards, drum programming, bass, percussion

Meg Bayley-vocals



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Eastern Phoebes Newport, Rhode Island

Eastern Phoebes was a band on Earth in the 21st century.

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Track Name: Blame It On The Weather
There's some drama yeah it's calling my name and I'm feeling like your loverboy//ain't no problem yeah it's all just the same should I act like I am overjoyed?//I'll blame it on the weather tonight//There's a robber knocking at my front door and he's stealing all this shit like it's his//ain't no problem 'cause he's been here before he's been stealing shit since he was a kid
Track Name: The Quail
That's when I saw the quail//beside the garden rail//the quail was in her bush//the quail just needed a push into the world//That's when I saw the trail//beside the garden rail//and as I looked to the sky//I saw the quail wonder why//That's when I saw the quail//beside the garden rail//don'tcha know don'tcha know
Track Name: Thunder Dan Majerle Anthem
Dan Majerle please don't guard me stand too far from me//He could be helping the defense and setting the picks//grabbing the rebounds when Barkley gets sick//seemingly intense and taking his pride//getting a Gatorade from the sideline//He could be running the fast break and getting his wish//dunking on Drexler and serving the dish//playing for pretense and faking his pride//getting a Gatorade then a high five//THUNDER DAN
Track Name: Something Else
I cut the camel on the way back home//you were sleeping in the twilight zone//you will never have to be alone though it's not what you thought at the time//caught you staring at a VCR//caught you swearing in my old backyard//it was nothing that I couldn't handle//it was something that I couldn't handle//you are someone you are somewhere you are something else//I found the desert in a grain of sand//you were waiting for the ice cream man//and there's one thing I can't understand though it's not what I thought at the time//sane predictions on a saneless day//throw the roses in a similar way//assess the value of the price that we pay//it was something that I couldn't stand for//you are somewhere you are someone you are something else//I cursed the camel on my way back home//you were sleeping in the medicine zone//you will never have to be alone//if it's nothing that you couldn't stand for//you are something else